Torched Supra for sale on Facebook Marketplace

Sometimes cars deserve a second chance. We think that’s certainly the case with this MkIV Toyota Supra, which suffered an unfortunate fate thanks to a fire in the engine compartment. It is now for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Do you want to save him?

The car was professionally rebuilt, as described by the seller. It’s unclear exactly where the fire came from, but the ad claims it was confined to the engine bay, despite the charred fender and crumbling windshield. The car also needs to replace the driver and passenger side windows. But at least the interior emerged relatively unscathed from the event.

The car was originally sold in Japan and imported to the United States via the 25-year rule. As such, it is right-hand drive. Judging by the photos, the engine, along with everything else in the bay, looks completely fried. Not a huge loss as this was a naturally aspirated 2JZ, not a highly sought after turbo example.

The car is for sale right now in Cranston, Rhode Island with a clean Massachusetts title with an asking price of $25,000 – about the market price for a non-engined MkIV roller these days. We suspect this car will require a bit more work to reach proper roller status, but for the good DIYer, it might be worth it.

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