TheEcomClub founder Joe Heyes has gone from Facebook Marketplace Flipping to £3m Business Empire in 4 years.

MANCHESTER, England, September 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Joe Heyes is a young Serial Entrepreneur from Manchester, England. Founder and CEO of Amazon Wholesale Business ‘JH WHOLESALE’ and e-commerce education company TheEcomClub ‘, shares his inspiring story from homelessness to business empire and how he plans to help 1,000,000 of people to start an online business and earn a living online.

Since becoming homeless in 2017, Joe has grown his e-commerce business from zero to over £200,000 a month selling everyday goods on Amazon.

22 years old Lancashire boy went from going electronic on Facebook Marketplace to running a 7-figure e-commerce business empire in just 4 years – and now helping other everyday people make the transition to starting an online business.

Joes first business came out of being homeless in 2017 during which he bought, refurbished and resold iPhones and other electronics on Facebook Marketplace. It’s only May 2018 when he discovered his current business model “Amazon FBA” (Fulfilment by Amazon).

“I used to spend hours traveling the country buying products to resell on Facebook Marketplace,” Joe explained.

“Then I heard about Amazon FBA. When I realized I could sell products in bulk on Amazon, and they would take care of order fulfillment, storage, shipping and customer service. The game has changed for me.

“I went from 5-10 products a day on Facebook Marketplace to over 10,000 units a month on Amazon in less than a year, while running my entire business online.”

Young Business Entrepreneurs specialize in sourcing and buying everyday essentials in bulk from wholesalers and manufacturers around the world to resell on Amazon for a profit.

“By February 2019I had scaled the business to £50,000 in revenue per month using only UK wholesalers. Once I expanded my product search internationally, that’s when things started to get crazy.

“Now in September 2022our sales have exceeded and maintained above £200,000 per month on a consistent monthly basis.”

Documenting his entire journey from homelessness to business success, Joe was able to garner a large combined following of over 500,000 people on social media looking to cash in on his Amazon FBA mentorship program, another of Joes successful business ventures. .

“My social media presence was growing by the thousands every day, my inbox was filled with hundreds of people every day asking me to teach them how to sell on Amazon.” Joe, 22, explained.

“So in July 2021, I built and launched my education business ‘TheEcomClub’ which houses ‘The Gateway to FBA Mentorship program’. A step-by-step online program designed to help everyday people set up, build and scale their own Amazon FBA business in just 30 days by teaching them my personally proven strategies.”

Joes’ mentorship scheme has already helped more than 2,100 people start selling successfully on Amazon since July last year, with some of the top performers reaching over £20,000 in monthly income.

“Amazon FBA is not a ‘get rich quick scheme’ by any means, but with commitment and hard work, it can absolutely net you between £3,000 and £10,000 a month quite easily on top of other commitments. full time.

“The program has produced results for students like this month, my strategies have proven successful, it just takes a little perseverance.” Said Joe.

The serial entrepreneur has expressed his desire to create and grow his own private label brands to sell on Amazon, with their plans already underway, he expects more branded product lines to be released. market by summer 2023 with opportunities for global expansion.

“Private brands are where the scalability lies in terms of building a salable asset. Building brands provide longevity and, of course, create an asset that can be listed for long-term acquisition.

“My primary goal is to continue to scale my businesses, while diversifying my portfolio through other start-ups and real estate development.” Joe revealed.

“My mission with my personal brand is to reach 1 billion people with my content throughout my career to show that the traditional work system is outdated and there is a new generational way to earn a living via the internet that does not require you to live miserably paycheck to paycheck.

“I hope to personally help over 1,000,000 ordinary people make the transition from a 9-5 job they dislike to making a successful living with an online business.”

About JH Wholesale/TheEcomClub
Founded in 2018. JH Wholesale specializes in sourcing on-demand products from global wholesalers and distributing them worldwide through Amazon’s “FBA” fulfillment service. The company currently wholesales over 10,000 units per month internationally to its customers with the goal of providing quality products at affordable prices with an elite customer experience.

Founded in 2021. TheEcomClub is an educational company that hosts one of the world’s most successful e-commerce mentoring programs. TEC has one of the highest student success rates in the entire online education/mentoring industry with its Amazon FBA mentoring program “The Gateway to FBA”.

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