Sustainable online marketplace Dayrize seeks to break into UK market – Retail Technology Innovation Hub


Vincent Hoogduijn, Dayrize CEO and Co-Founder, comments: “Most people intend to shop in a sustainable manner, but have unfortunately been underserved by the confusing process of assessing the real impact of their purchase on the planet.

“Thanks to eco-friendly washing, many brands have further added to the confusion and inadvertently created a sense of cynicism among many buyers.”

“We wanted to make the sustainability assessment process for a product accurate and easy to understand for the average consumer. We have done the rigorous work of building a revolutionary standard that simplifies and democratizes sustainable purchasing.

“We hope that by doing this, people can start to see how small changes in their buying habits can make huge differences for our planet.”

Each product on the platform is assigned a score after being assessed by the Company’s Sustainability Assessment Tool, a set of metrics that calculate to what extent a product can be considered sustainable, regenerating and circular.

Buyers will also have the ability to see their savings in real time and understand the difference their individual purchasing choices have on the planet. For each purchase, buyers will see how much CO2, water and land use have been saved by their purchasing decisions.

Dayrize says he will also help his partner brands improve the sustainability of their products by offering ongoing knowledge and insight on methods to increase their Dayrize score on the platform.

It will also reinvest 5% of its annual profits to support its partner brands in overhauling their products and value chains in order to reduce their impact.


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