Prosper’s Model Factory Extends Retailer Customer Propensity Models on AWS Marketplace for Digital Targeting

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Privacy regulations and the abandonment of cookies have greatly disrupted digital targeting data. The new Retailer Customer templates help brands meet this challenge.

Brands can freely purchase and evaluate consumption models built from Prosper’s zero-party data to better identify the most likely customers for digital campaigns, including CTV.

—Phil Rist

WORTHINGTON, OHIO, USA, June 9, 2022 / — Privacy regulations and the abandonment of cookies have significantly disrupted data and digital targeting models. The disruption is forcing marketers to seek new ways to identify potential leads and connect with customers to improve experiences. Prosper’s Model Factory extends its Retail Audience models on AWS Marketplace to help brands meet this challenge. Nearly 200 retailer and customer models are now available from one location, the Prosper Model Factory on AWS Marketplace.

Many retailers have recently launched their own retail media networks to capture additional revenue from the brands they carry. “Retail media networks represent one of the fastest growing advertising segments, and they offer a limited advertising option for potential online communication with specific retail channel buyers. The Prosper Model Factory provides a single source for detailed buyer data across different channels. Brands can access this data for DTC and enhanced targeting initiatives. Brands can now integrate buyer data from this channel with their own customer data to control their digital ad spend. said Gary Drenik, CEO of Prosper Insights & Analytics.

The Prosper Model Factory, using AWS Sagemaker software, offers brands an alternative to siled data from each retailer’s network by providing accurate, high-quality retail customer models developed from zero consumer data from Prosper Insights & Analytics. Brands can now control how they activate retail audiences and even enhance their own data using a virtual cleanroom in the Prosper Model Factory solution on AWS. To eliminate black box syndrome, all templates have Lift over Random metrics for transparency that can be viewed before activation.

Brands can access retailer shopping models for product targeting and personalization from all major retail channels including Aldi’s, Amazon, Kroger, Macy’s, Target and Walmart, Kroger and others:
Aldi grocery store
amazon grocery store
Kroger Grocery
Macy’s clothing store
Target clothing buyer
Target electronics buyer
Walmart grocery store
Walmart clothing store
Walmart e-shopper
Member of B.J.
Costco Member
Member of Sam’s Club
Walmart Plus Member

Additionally, the Prosper Model Factory has over 20 propensity models on luxury brands for DTC initiatives. All models are factual in nature and privacy compliant. For an interactive catalog of available models, visit:

The foundation of all models is Prosper’s award-winning monthly consumer survey. The survey is the largest scientific consumer survey with a 20-year history of accurately measuring consumer behaviors, motivations, personal interests and future purchase plans. The survey has been the NRF’s resource, since 2003, for tracking trends and tracking consumer spending for all retail holidays throughout the year. No PII is captured in surveys.

“Brands should have a high-quality option beyond retailer-controlled digital marketing platforms to control costs and ensure accuracy. The Prosper Model Factory on AWS Marketplace provides brands with Prosper’s unique consumer datasets and highly accurate audience propensity models from one access point. Brands can freely purchase and evaluate consumption models built from zero-party data from Prosper to better identify the most likely customers for digital campaigns, including CTV,” said Phil Rist, EVP – Strategic Initiatives for Prosper. Insights & Analytics.

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Prosper Insights & Analytics provides market insights and data analysis. Since 2002, Prosper has created the largest scientific monthly survey of the behaviors, motivations and intentions of consumers representative of the American population. Over 20 years of data is available in an aggregated master dataset to extract, train, and build targeting and predictive models.

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