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New labor market plan to strengthen the economy – Immigration

Bahrain: New labor market plan to strengthen the economy

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Key points

  • Bahrain’s Cabinet officially approved the National Labor Market Plan 2021-2023.
  • The details of the plan are aimed at improving the national workforce and promoting more employment opportunities for the citizens of Bahrain, in line with the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 promoted by Bahrain’s rulers.
  • The main objectives of the plan include:
    • Promote the educational and vocational training of local workers
    • Put into practice the “Employment Skills Platform” to better monitor labor market trends and needs
    • Invest in the tech industry and financially support businesses that hire local workers
    • Create more opportunities to increase the number of women in the labor market


Last month, Bahrain’s Cabinet approved the memorandum from the government’s executive committee to promulgate the national labor market plan to be implemented from 2021 to the end of 2023. The goal of the new plan is to strengthen the labor market national economy by creating greater opportunities for citizens. of Bahrain making them the best choice for the job.

What are the changes?

The new labor market plan has a strong focus on integrating the Bahraini national workforce into the labor market and developing better employment opportunities for all Bahraini citizens. Private sector companies will be encouraged to hire locally through financial incentives supported by the government.

Look ahead

Bahraini employers are expected to follow the Cabinet’s new policies and guidance as part of the new labor market plan, as details continue to be released in line with Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030.

Originally posted Aug 13, 2021

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