Limitless Venture: enters the e-commerce market

Limitless Venture Group, Inc. enters the e-commerce marketPress release | 07/20/2022

TULSA, OK /ACCESSWIRE/July 20, 2022/ Limitless Venture Group, Inc. (OTC PINK:LVGI) (“LVGI” or the “Company”), a publicly traded holding company that provides its shareholders with access to investment opportunities in small and medium-sized businesses especially well positioned for rapid growth is pleased to announce today that it has signed an agreement with G-Venture Group, LLC., a company specializing in e-commerce store management services, to establish an e-commerce store which will be hosted on Amazon, Facebook Market and our own Shopify store to list and sell the biggest products with the highest profit margins on these platforms. LVGI has done extensive market research on this type of arrangement, and we believe it can become a solid revenue-generating opportunity with good earnings in a relatively short time. LVGI will own 100% of this new venture, operating under its new company Limitless Technology Group, LLC, and has only internally financed this acquisition/start-up with the help of our CEO Joseph Francella.

“I am again embarking on LVGI using my personal connections, credit and personal assets to support this low interest loan and line of credit to start our new business venture with no associated equity or dilution.” says Joseph Francella, CEO

“In 2017, Amazon’s market share in the US e-commerce retail market was 37%. As of the last survey in 2021, Amazon’s market share is now 50% of the gross merchandise volume of the entire e-commerce retail market. (GMV). These are huge numbers and offer many opportunities for online business development. Based on our estimates and research, we estimate that in one year, our stores could generate approximately $500,000 in revenue. LVGI’s goal is to open 4 such e-commerce stores in the next 3 years and will generate an estimated revenue of $5.5 million. dollars with nearly $1 million in EBITDA. With the help of G-Venture Group, LLC., we will be able to bring strong revenue to LVGI in a growing new market opportunity.” Says Devon Diaz, COO of LVGI.

“I was absolutely thrilled when Devon and Joe decided to reach out to my top sales person, Scott Weingold,” says CEO of Sachet Gagwani. “Being able to help a public company in one of the fastest growing industries in the world is a dream come true. Especially when working with men of such caliber as Devon and Joe. to work with LVGI as a strong partner, supporting partner, but we also hope to gain decades of experience from them to learn and grow together as we conquer the industry we know best, e-commerce, as other agencies are not operating to their full potential due to their lack of infrastructure and expertise, myself and Dillon Stanger (my COO), will be guiding LVGI through the implementation of several commerce automation models electronics, including dropshipping and then transitioning to Fulfilled by Amazon (Amazon FBA) and Fulfilled By Merchant (Amazon FBM), which will be implemented as we complete our transition towards majority wholesale and retail. Alongside our traditional models, we will be implementing Fulfilled By Mercha nt models with retail arbitrage for an even bigger cash flow bonus. Although we registered the company in 2020, I personally have over 5 years of e-commerce experience and as we started to gain traction, I officially incorporated the company and have over 100 clients that we represent. However, it has been the last few years that have been the most important as it is an ever-changing environment and market that has unlimited potential that we plan to take full advantage of with the help of partners like LVGI. . »

About Limitless Venture Group, Inc.

Limitless Venture Group offers its shareholders access to leading growth-oriented small and medium-sized companies. Leveraging its permanent capital, disciplined, long-term approach and actionable expertise, LVGI holds majority stakes in its subsidiaries by partnering with management teams to create companies capable of generating significant value for its shareholders. .

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The company currently has three main subsidiaries: Rokin, Inc., KetoSports, Inc. and Jasper Benefit Solutions, LLC.

About Rokin, Inc.

Rokin was founded in 2016 with a mission to provide our customers with the highest quality, technology-driven vaping products while providing exceptional customer service. Rokin Vapes are rigorously tested by Rokin and multiple consumer focus groups to ensure the products meet strict quality standards before any production. Once a product is selected and production is complete, the product is certified to the latest FCC, CE standards (which are required for all vaping products), but Rokin goes above and beyond to certify our vaping products to the latest RoHS standard, which limits the use of six hazardous materials commonly found in electronic products.

About KetoSports, Inc.

KetoSports products flush the body with ketones, increasing blood ketone levels within minutes. Because the body and brain use ketones as their preferred source of energy and are used primarily for energy needs, KetoSports products are essential for anyone who wants to extend their energy stores for their sporting events or for those who simply want the benefit of non-carb stimulants. – free mental energy and increased acuity.

About Jasper Benefit Solutions, LLC

Jasper Benefit Solutions, LLC (JBS), founded in 2018 and headquartered just outside of Nashville, TN, is a Managing General Underwriter (MGU) specializing in risk management services for small and means self-funded employers “Groups”. MGUs, unlike MGAs in the insurance industry, are certified to underwrite health and life insurance policies on behalf of their insurance partners. Jasper’s niche is the unique ability and authorization of a well-known, nationally recognized insurer to underwrite groups as small as five (5) employees as well as to offer limited benefit insured products for groups whose part-time employees cannot participate in their health plans.

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