Growing Kaleidoscope Market Adds $ 24 Million In Rewards Opportunities With Five New Partners


1,000 additional scholarships, grants and mentorship programs provide real solutions and increased access to personal advancement

MINNEAPOLIS, October 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Kaleidoscope, the leading education rewards management platform, today announced five organizations offering generous rewards opportunities in the Kaleidoscope marketplace. This list includes: the Taco Bell Foundation, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo â„¢, Land O’Lakes, the TB12 Foundation and the University of Alaska. Together, these five sponsors offer more than 1,000 award programs totaling more than $ 24 million in scholarships and grants.

To date, Kaleidoscope and its program sponsors have awarded more than $ 150 million in prizes, enabling applicants to select the undergraduate school of their dreams, as well as pursue graduate studies, professional development projects and of passion.

“Kaleidoscope shares our goal of supporting academics in their educational efforts,” said Amy Moroney, senior director of educational programs at the Houston Breeding and Rodeo Show. “Thanks to their platform, we were also able to make our scholarship management program completely paperless.”

Each reward program on Kaleidoscope is unique and is configured to meet the needs of that individual sponsor. For example, the University of Alaska offers over 900 scholarships at three separate universities and 15 community campuses. “Our foundation’s program is not a cookie cutter. The Kaleidoscope team has taken action to help us streamline our efforts, better present and manage each of our individual awards across our University of Alaska system, ”said Dory Straight, Manager scholarships for the University of Alaska Foundation.

Niche scholarships can take advantage of Kaleidoscope’s two-way market to attract applicants who are a perfect fit for their programs. Land O’Lakes, Inc. does just that, creating a pipeline of students interested in AgTech through their WinField Careers in Agriculture scholarship. “We knew there weren’t enough students pursuing careers in agriculture to meet the basic needs of our food and agriculture industry, so we brought our program online with Kaleidoscope. This has broadened our pool of applicants and allowed us to expand our twenty-five year program, through which we have already awarded $ 500,000 in scholarships, ”said Megan Wolle, Head of Community Relations and the Foundation.

While scholarships and grants are essential in unlocking access to higher and continuing education, organizations using Kaleidoscope offer much more than just tuition assistance. The platform is the cradle of meaningful relationships between applicants and their sponsors. Lisa Borges, Executive Director of TB12 Foundation, shared, “We support disadvantaged high school and college athletes who have suffered an injury, as well as military personnel and those who have suffered a tragic event requiring long-term recovery. With Kaleidoscope, we are able to increase access to innovative health and wellness resources for more people in need.

Kaleidoscope researchers often develop lasting ties with their sponsoring organizations that open doors to new opportunities for years to come. Jennifer Bradbury, Executive Director of Taco Bell Foundation, described: “Kaleidoscope allows us to discover candidates who truly embody the Live Más spirit – our mantra. Our foundation focuses on people who not only pursue higher education, but also give back to their local communities. “

These five programs are just a sampling of what is actively available in the Kaleidoscope marketplace, with more rewards opportunities being introduced daily. Kaleidoscope believes there can be a future without crippling student debt and a world in which sponsors and applicants work together to bridge the skills gap and enrich our workforce for generations to come.

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