Facebook Marketplace Becomes Cybercrime Hub: Report


Facebook market launched in 2016 Facebook Clustering in the market has become a hub for crooks and con artists who regularly cheat on users, according to a new report. The social media market, which now has around 1 billion users, mitigates harmful content and restricts cybercriminals, according to a report by ProPublica, a non-profit media organization that claims to conduct research journalism in public. can not do. interest.

According to reports from US-based publications, tech giants haven’t ruled out cybercriminals, even if they find fraudulent or suspicious accounts, and hackers and crooks deceive immune people. .. The online marketplace employs a total of 400 people in four countries: India, the United States, Singapore and Ireland. These 400 workers employed by Accenture are responsible for handling 600 complaints per day. This allows a worker to respond to an incident in less than a minute. Investigations have shown that although workers are aware of the fraud, they rarely stop it. Workers who work mainly under contract are only involved once such crimes have already taken place.

According to a former entrepreneur who spoke to ProPublica during the investigation, their work is largely reactive and reluctant. “I don’t think anyone has stopped being robbed,” they said. ProPublica..

The market relies heavily on Facebook’s automated algorithms to analyze a list of suspicious signals. Workers argued that automated systems rarely prohibit even obvious fraud. In addition, the algorithm misidentifies real users and blocks them. Hackers thrive on stealing personal information while legitimate users lose money.

There are also murder cases where a murderer masquerades as a seller and kills the buyer when the buyer attempts to purchase the listed item. In one of those cases, Joshua Gorgone, 26, confessed to stabbing Deniece Williams, 54. Facebook market..

According to Facebook, they are constantly working to solve these problems, and their proposition to prevent fraud and not protect people is bogus and ignores their “perfect approach to security.” The company told ProPublica.

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Facebook Marketplace Becomes Cybercrime Hub: Report

Facebook Marketplace Becomes Cybercrime Hub: Report


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