Ethereum NFT Marketplace Blur Launches With Free Airdrop For Traders

Another day, another NFT market.

The VC-backed Blur Marketplace launched on Wednesday, promising new users free crypto in the form of a dropped gift containing an undisclosed amount of BLUR tokens. If you’ve redeemed an NFT within the last six months, you may be eligible for the free airdrop, but you won’t be able to open the airdrop and access your freebie until January 2023.

“To celebrate our launch, we’re releasing care packages containing $BLUR tokens to anyone stuck in the bear market,” the market wrote on Twitter.

The first airdrop will be free to claim for the next two weeks, but must remain in unopened traders’ wallets until next year, when BLUR becomes usable as a governance token for the platform. Merchants can also receive an airdrop by listing an NFT on Blur.

Blur calls itself the NFT marketplace for “professional traders,” offering an aggregation feature, portfolio analytics, and zero market fees. His website Claims traders can use Blur to “snipe reveals faster than anywhere else”. It also boasts of allowing “10 times faster than Gem” purchases, a batch purchase NFT tool. OpenSea acquired in April.

In a blog postBlur said its platform has been in closed beta for nearly a year, but claims its aggregator still managed to see the second highest volume in just four months.

The creator royalties debate swirled around NFT Twitter after a few NFTs creators and collectors decried Magic Eden’s move to optional fees last week, calling it a “Lfor the NFT economy. But Blur does offer “incentive royalties,” offering those who opt into royalties parachute rewards beyond the initial introductory gift.

“Royalties today are not enforceable on-chain and merchants already have many zero-royalty options,” Blur wrote in its announcement blog post.

The new marketplace plans to offer three tiers of unspecified rewards. Those who choose to waive royalty payments entirely will receive “low rewards,” while merchants who pay “partial royalties” and “full royalties” will receive proportionately more market rewards.

“We’ll be monitoring our initial solution and working closely with merchants, collectors, and creators to explore other solutions that can be voted on through governance once $BLUR launches in January,” the site explained. “Blur’s market fees are off, so Blur itself won’t earn a penny by then.”

This is not the first time that an NFT marketplace has offered its traders tokens in exchange for buying and selling NFT through its platform. AppearanceRarewhich was launched in January, distributes LOOKS tokens to its traders, but there would have been billions of NFTs wash-negotiated Therefore.

Blur’s NFT Marketplace, which will be “majority owned by the community”, previously raised during $11 million in seed funding from Web3 VC Paradigm and investors like 6529Cozomo Medici, Deeze, MoonOverlord and others.

After its first intro airdrop, Blur plans to release a second bigger, more involved in November. In the second dropmerchants will need to use Blur and list higher value NFTs to earn bigger rewards.

Blur has not yet replied to Decryptrequest for comment.

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