Empire Token, a Decentralized Token on Binance Smart Chain Launches the NFT Peer Market BTC


Empire Token, a decentralized token on Binance Smart Chain launches the NFT market

A boon to the $ 2.7 trillion crypto market, non-fungible tokens, or NFTs as they are affectionately known, have seen an exponential increase in value and interest, with celebrities and brands jumping in. this moving train.

The rise in value of this crypto trend has led to the massive increase in the number of marketplaces – platforms designed to facilitate flawless minting, auctioning and selling of non-fungible token collectibles. . While a plethora has been launched, only a few have other use cases for selling non-fungible tokens, one of them is the Empire Token.

A unique NFT marketplace

Built like a super token, Empire Token is a Binance smart chain [BSC] decentralized token created to bring the extension of the utility of decentralized finance [DeFi] protocols to real world operations. Designed to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the real world, Empire Token has built a host of remarkable features into its token, bringing unfathomable value to the real world, $ 146.6 billion DeFi market, and by extension, the blockchain ecosystem.

Acting as a crossing between these distinct worlds, Empire Token, in a recent press release, announced the launch of its NFT marketplace.

Launched on BSC, this market, according to the aforementioned source, is a revolutionary platform for all kinds of virtual or digital assets and a multitude of facets never seen before. Currently working to expand this market to blockchains and, this decentralized token platform is looking to completely revamp the NFT space by introducing a platform that leverages some of the most advanced blockchains in the crypto space.

Empire Token – a platform with multiple use cases

While there are over 12,950 crypto projects, as listed by CoinMarketCap, only a small percentage has actual use, Empire Token, surprisingly one of them. Besides launching an NFT marketplace, this Binance Smart Chain platform has a clear roadmap, according to the previously mentioned press release.

Walking an uncharted road, the CEO of Empire Token, while addressing reporters, unequivocally revealed that the idea behind the platform is to close the gap between the crypto world and the world. real and this recently launched NFT market is one of its integration plans. A decentralized application [DApp], this marketplace offers digital artists the rare privilege of minting, trading and auctioning crypto collectibles.

One of the main features, according to CEO Abdullah Ghandour, is allowing users to rent their works for commercial purposes. Through this initiative, digital artists can rent their works to publishers through the Empire NFT Marketplace. In addition, this platform will serve as a launching pad for creators looking to launch collections and use the protocol to exchange and list their NFTs.

In addition to an NFT marketplace, Empire Token always strives to completely narrow the gap between crypto and the real world. When asked to choose between fiat and crypto, CEO Abdullah Ghandour, also known as Dulla, chose both.

“Why should there be a battle when both can win,” Dulla told correspondents.

By presenting a payment solution, according to the aforementioned press release, Empire wants to transform the real world and blockchain technology by accepting crypto through credit cards and other payment options to make investors’ daily lives easier and better. .

Among all of these real-world solutions introduced by Empire Token, a wallet tracker designed exclusively for investors who want to keep track of their crypto holdings has also been launched as part of the platform’s larger plans to bridge the gap. between the trillion dollar cryptocurrency. and the real world.

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