Belarusian market vendors must operate transparently and follow price control rules

MINSK, Oct. 31 (BelTA) — Independent contractors, who buy and sell light industrial products, must operate transparently. The requirement was mentioned when Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko delivered his report to Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, BelTA learned.

Alexander Lukashenko recalled that he previously gave instructions, including to Nikolai Snopkov, to work out approaches to organizing the work of this category. The chairman said: “We have repeatedly talked about the operation of these so-called independent businessmen, who sell goods and do not even have invoices for these goods. And at the time, we agreed that it was necessary to help independent entrepreneurs, who do this kind of business, and to allow wholesale deliveries of goods to Belarus. Directly to Belarus. So that they don’t have to travel all over Russia, Turkey or China where these goods are whipped at them without bills. God knows at what cost. And certificates are not always appropriate.

Alexander Lukashenko recommended to the First Deputy Prime Minister to reconsider these instructions. “May God help you if these instructions are not followed!” That’s why you shouldn’t push anyone away. And you shouldn’t offend them. We must create an opportunity for them to work. To work transparently. And the time has come to operate transparently and not interfere with the operation of light industry. Because they bring goods of unknown quality and whip them here for cheap. While the performance of our own light industry continues to decline. [Chairwoman of the Belarusian state light industry concern Bellegprom Tatiana] Lugina mentioned it the other day,” the head of state said.

“That’s why we shouldn’t offend anyone, but they should act transparently. And prices must be controlled. According to the resolution of the government. Don’t forget that we will meet again to discuss this after November 7th. I want you to be prepared to report on what has been done, the market situation, etc. “Warned Alexander Lukashenko.

The Belarusian leader warned those who are not inclined to follow the rules and make unjustified demands on the government. “I would like to emphasize: those who present incomprehensible and illegal demands to the state and do not want to follow the rules we have set will have to answer for them. Choose a point of sale, a store and go audit them. “We will stop,” they say. Agree, but with certain consequences. I also warned you about this. Do not hesitate to resign, we do not force you to continue working. But the consequences will be very serious.

“The Chairman of the State Control Commission [Vasily Gerasimov, who was also present during the meeting], will later report on how many apartments these street vendors own. How many apartments did they buy there, say, in a district capital and in Minsk. We will audit all their properties if they do not follow the rules. We don’t want them operating in the red. This cannot be allowed. We don’t want to fix their prices. It’s their job. But the prices must be fixed according to the rules defined by the State. It is essential, ”concluded Alexander Lukashenko.